Original foreign clothes? Learn from these 18 sets of collocation, idle clothing can also wear avant-garde fashion

Original foreign clothes? Learn from these 18 sets of collocation, idle clothing can also wear avant-garde fashion
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Original title: foreign clothes? Drawing on these 18 sets of collocations, idle clothes can also wear avant-garde fashion

. In summer, in order to seek a unique style, they are diligent in going in and dressing up every day. Some people feel that this is very valuable, while others feel tired and they are also spending a lot of time. After all, not everyone can insist on dressing up in detail every day.

Girls who like to be lazy, today's look group can give you some inspiration. Usually as long as how peaceful how to wear, can wear avant-garde casual style.

In the summer without skirt, who has a skirt in her closet? If you tuck the top into your waist, you can show your slim waist and long legs. How can you wear it?

In fact, as long as we don't choose A-line skirt which is too colorful in summer, we can basically match the top in the wardrobe with avant-garde style. Just want to follow through mainly, we are most beneficial to use the color collocation promotion modeling personality and charm. It is said that the simple and serene A-line skirt collocation for experts planting grass this time is due to the choice of this year's blue, purple and white collision, which is foreign-oriented and eye-catching.


classic cowboy A-line skirt is made on the platform of Kuai San lottery. Many beauties should have a piece of Kuaiyi three lottery platform, but most of them leave it idle because the shape they match is too light.

In fact, denim shorts are young, naive and versatile, and they can be worn with casual college style clothing accessories, such as striped shirt, plaid shirt, polo shirt, baseball cap, and white shoes. You can wear a look with vitality and age reduction. If you want a girl of 18 years old every day, don't let it go.

want to match easy and temperament, in fact, we can choose a lazy pure color dress, the upper body is calm and not tight, which is also special for fat mm.

It's just a loose dress that covers the waistline. It's easy to look fat and low. In order to avoid the embarrassment of modeling, we can choose the skirt with exposed thigh. The upper body can not only show thin, but also drive away the stuffy summer. The women who are always interested in leg shape should learn from the collocation on the right side, and choose the dress with half perspective and split design of \